Spiritual Guidance (readings)


This is not your typical psychic readings, rather than a channel guidance reading received to coach you through an experience. Often times the choices made, the transitions that happen, and the most challenging life experiences are placed as the perfect opportunity to learn and grow; yet we create blockages from our own intuition and our ability to learn from this guidance. Through deep meditation, I become the messenger for any guidance your ancestor/guides would like for you to received. I do not label my self a psychic or do psychic readings, I channel highest good spirits and let them provide the guidance that you need to move you through a particular life path.

All spiritual readings can be done in person or distance (phone sessions). Below are the different types of readings; the modality use will depend on what you desire or the questions you have.

  • Automatic Writings Readings

While in deep meditation, messages come through writing, in form of symbols, colors, and or words. I then interpret these messages and deliver them to you in a clear and concise form.

  • Oracle/Tarot Readings

Using different Oracle/Tarot decks, spreads, and spiritual guidance I provide you with the messages you need to received for your current situation.

  • Life Path Readings

Through the use of symbolism, I’m able to interpret the blockages that might be preventing you from a life transition and begin using spiritual energy to begin to heal these blockages. Life path readings are perfect for those struggling with unknown fears, their careers, love, relationships, health, sexuality, and spiritual connections. I either guide you through a deep meditation to do this reading or go through a meditation myself.

  • Pendulum Readings

$55-30 minutes

$90-60 minutes