“I had several sessions with Norma and each one was relaxing and meaningful in different ways. I appreciate Norma’s kind, peaceful, and fun loving demeanor. She is just so open. She educated me on how the sessions would go and what I wanted to focus on. After the sessions were done she took time to listen to my experience and share what she had received from my energy. I have been feeling so positive and empowered. Norma also created some bath salts and sprays with elements and essential oils that would focus on the areas she was working on with me.”- Natalie A

“Since I started working with Norma I have felt a relief from so many of my anxieties. The sessions all left me with really meaningful things to analyze and process after. Each session made it easier and easier to release negative energy. I feel that Norma really cares about the connection they make with who anyone they work with. I started the sessions not knowing or researching Reiki and I appreciate the understanding I have of it now because of Norma’s work. The sound baths and V-steams are wonderful as well as the medicine that they handcraft!” -Jocelyn Escobedo

“Working with Norma was such an incredible experience. She is sensitive, intuitive, empathetic and compassionate, truly a gifted healer. I felt an instant comfort and trust when we met and began talking. She was able to gain insight into areas that I had blocked and were unbalanced, thereby allowing for the opportunity to begin peeling back the layers. I appreciated Norma’s sensitivity in every area that we both worked on and that came up. In working with Norma I was able to experience a sense of peace and perspective as well as garner resolution into some key areas of my life. I feel like we were putting the pieces of a puzzle together and I couldn’t be more thankful!
She provided a calm, relaxing environment which I believe helped in facilitating the success of our sessions and she has this magical warmth about her spirit that you can instantly feel…it’s infectious!
She also made herself available to answer any questions that may have come up between sessions…just one more thing that I appreciated in working with her. I’m so thankful for our time together and beyond blessed by Norma’s beautiful, giving soul.” – Tricia