Healing session

A healing session includes practices infused with reiki energy, shamanic teachings, the vibrations of 432hz ancient sound healing, the healing of crystals, the balance of Prana and Apana in the body, a clearing and strengthening of the aura and chakras. The goal of each healing session regardless of what is happening in your life is to balance the energy of your body to feel in a deep meditative state, received clarity, heal deep wounds, and to develop the neutral mind which supports you in being able to relax, make decisions clearly and follow your destiny in this life time.

The first 5 minutes are of the session are there to check in with you, while the last 10 minutes are use to debrief the session.

If your looking for spiritual guidance for a particular event in your life, I offer different modalities of spiritual readings and Akashic record readings for insight on life path, soul contracts and karmic events and relationships.

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$100-60 minutes

$130-90 minutes